Emma’s Story

“I’ve known Headway Blackpool for around 12 years, I first came across them when they started to support a family friend of ours and I was involved with their first charity fundraiser 11 years ago to show thanks for all that they had done to not only to support our friend but her family too.

Headway Blackpool supports members who have suffered brain injuries and promotes brain safety; for example cycling safety and always wearing a helmet. They also support family members to help them all find a new way of life and get them on the road to recovery.

I’ve donated my time, being a full-time entertainer and musician at their charity events you always need the entertainment to get the crowds in and to raise funds. Headway Blackpool events are some of the best organised in Blackpool and they secure the majority of their project funding through these fundraising events.

Obviously, over the past 13 months, we’ve been in a global pandemic which has meant no fundraisers were possible (only online events which must only raise about 25% of what they would usually make.)

With all the members and their families isolating I imagine once they can get people back together Headway Blackpool will have more referrals than ever before.

To secure funding to make sure that they don’t have to turn anyone away would be amazing.

I’ve also spent some time with Headway Blackpool running sessions with their members, I’m the musical director for the Revoelution Community Choir and Headway Blackpool booked me for group singing sessions which were very well received by all members who attended.”

Emma Jackson

Musical Director & Entertainer

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