Poems by member Keith Whigham


Having suffered a nasty knock to my head.

Everyday happenings previously easy, are hard instead.

Adversity is a challenge I take on with glee.

Difficulty in coping, with help from friends and family.

Winning this battle, I fight every day.

A helping hand from my friends at Headway.

You know that you can rely on the humanity of others.



Never have I felt so alone.

Awakening in a hospital bed all on my own.

Sitting and wondering what had happened to me.

Troubled, confused with questions hear my plea.

Yearning for loved ones, my family, my wife.


Keen for comfort and loving, back in my life.

Never have I felt so dependent or in need.

Oh answer my questions just listen I plead.

Conscious I am after six weeks, I’m awake indeed.

Keith is awake after a bang to Ma heed.



Fell down and had a nasty knock.

A life changing event for myself and my flock.

Life would never be the same for us all.

Life was so different before the fall.

Inside my head I still think the same.

Now communicating is hard work, a real pain.

Got lots of support and understanding all the way.


Dear family and friends assist me every day.

Other people are impacted by my nasty fall.

We are all coping with life’s new challenge.

Not looking at what might have been but what our future is.



Before this happened I could listen loud and clear.

But after this fall I’m deaf in my left ear.

When my wife tells me off or nags or shouts.

I always make sure she’s on left or thereabouts.

My glass is half full.

Before my fall I talked with confidence, a little to much.

My speech is now slurred, it sounds double Dutch.

This causes me to sit up and listen to others.

I learn a lot with by hearing my sisters and brothers.

My glass is half full.

I could walk to the pub or the local football game.

My balance has gone I now need a frame.

When at the football, I get in half price.

With my friend to buy the beers at half time, that’s nice.

My glass is half full.

My eyes where perfect, it had to be right.

As an RAF Fireman you needed your sight.

Now I see double and find it hard to read.

But audiobooks are enjoyed at night in my beed.

My Glass is half full.

From my thoughts keep this one thing I pray.

Thank god for the life you live every day.

Be glad of the people around you and of who you are.

Life is for living you’ve enjoyed it thus far.

Your glass is half full, never half empty


By Headway Blackpool Member, Keith Whigham