Member Feedback

“My name is Mark, I am the carer for a lady, Debbie, who underwent neurosurgery last year (clipping of an aneurysm), which sadly caused a stroke. Fortunately for her there were no physical effects, but she has difficulty with cognition and has aphasia, along with chronic fatigue when engaged in prolonged conversations or anything that causes her a degree of stress.

She was already attending Headway Blackpool before she had the operation as she had been diagnosed with 2 bilateral MCA aneurysms and knew that she had to have surgery quite soon on the most dangerous one.

The help, support and advice that Samantha (Blackpool branch) gave her (us) was excellent and helped us both cope with the upcoming operation – and she has been a continual help since.

Debbie received little help from the NHS – — SALT therapist about 6 months after the ‘op – that’s all !

In my opinion Samantha has gone “above and beyond” her duties as coordinator of the group in her help and care — not just for Debbie, but for all members of the Blackpool Headway group. As well as arranging group activities, meals and outings she attempts to help with any problems members of the group have, or if she hasn’t the expertise with a particular problem herself, she points people (and carers) in the right direction to find the help they need.

I cannot begin to describe the benefits Debbie has gained from attending the group, I can only say that it has been a continual help to her, and her recovery. It has also been a great help to my understanding of the problems / traumas suffered by people like Debbie, and how we can try to help in recovery.

Your charity is a vital resource for people who have suffered brain damage or traumas – please keep up the good work !

I would like to commend Samantha and the volunteers at the Blackpool branch for their selfless commitment, courtesy and care for people who are experiencing, or have experienced, a lifechanging event — well done all!

My thanks again,